Safety Sign Program 2020


Integrating years of product knowledge and experience in the safety field with the latest in safety standards, our award-winning software engineers developed the innovative Safety Sign Program with you in mind. When you use products from Safety Softworks, you're partnering with a quality-minded, service-oriented organization that cares about you and your employees.

Safety Sign Program Software Highlights

Versatile and Customizable

Safety Sign Program's library of more than 3,400 signs, labels and tags covers a wide range of safety situations. However, every workplace is unique and there may be times when specific hazard information would deliver a better safety result than a standard message. Rest assured that Safety Softworks' built in standard ANSI summaries and guidelines will help you comply.

  • Customization is easy and reliable with numerous built-in formats
  • Edit predetermined signs or create your own
  • Complete user control of text formatting
  • Editing dialogs include built-in compliance information for quick and reliable editing
  • Easily import your company logo, symbols and other graphics
  • Automatically adjusts font size to maximize your message size based on size and aspect ratio of your sign

Meets Regulatory Compliance

  • All twenty-six ANSI Z535.2 formats - including multiple hazard formats
  • Includes OSHA compliant designs
  • ISO-harmonized, ANSI, and OSHA signal words
  • More than 500 symbols including: ANSI, ISO, GHS, European Chemical Hazard, NFPA, HMIS-style
  • 10 standard signal words in ANSI, OSHA and ISO-harmonized styles
  • Industry specific sign formats: lab entry, laser (ANSI Z136.1), electric arc, hazardous waste, and more...

Multiple Languages

Meet the Needs of a Global Workforce

  • All predefined signs, labels and tags in English, Spanish, Canadian French, and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Standard signal words in 25 additional languages
  • Software supports worldwide character sets - print in any language
  • Software allows you to store two additional languages
  • Bilingual formats - combinations of any two languages

Easy to Use

  • User-friendly Windows-based software is easy to understand and familiar to even the occasional user
  • Superior user interface - provides simple point and click choices
  • Powerful search engine enables you to easily find the sign, label or tag you need among the 3,400+ included in the program
  • Stores list of recently and frequently-printed signs
  • You define the signage categories. Easily organize by:
    • Sign categories
    • Applications
    • Location
  • Optional user login allows for customized program configuration and prevents unauthorized changes to sign database
  • Store custom signs in your own library

Easy to Print - Temporary or Permanent - We Offer You the Flexibility to Choose

  • Print signs, labels and tags on a wide variety of media
  • Removable adhesive-backed paper
  • Permanent adhesive-backed paper
  • Permanent adhesive-backed polyester
  • Avery labels | Round media for ISO applications

    For more durability, print on Safety Softworks superior polyester acrylic adhesive-backed media

  • Optional lamination provides additional durability and UV resistance
  • The software stores a list of recently and frequently-printed signs for your convenience

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