Safety Sign Program 2020

Easy to Use, Easy to Print
Durable Weatherproof Polyester

Integrating years of product knowledge and experience in the safety field with the latest in safety standards, our award-winning software engineers developed the innovative Safety Sign Program 2020 with you in mind. When you use products from Safety Softworks, you're partnering with a quality-minded, service-oriented organization that cares about you and your employees.

Prevent Workplace Accidents with Safety Softworks

Safety Sign Program 2020 helps you protect your employees by immediately responding to changing workplace conditions such as:

  • Chemical spills
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Quarantined patients
  • Temporary waste storage
  • Plant remodel
  • Plant expansions
  • Plant rearrangement

Safety Sign Software Prints in Four Languages

Safety Sign Software helps you meet the needs of a diverse workforce:

  • All predefined safety signs, safety labels and safety tags in English, Spanish, Canadian French, and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Standard signal words in 25 additional languages
  • Software supports worldwide character sets - print in any language
  • Safety Sign software allows you to store two additional languages
  • Bilingual formats - combinations of any two languages

Safety Sign Program 2020 is Easy to Use

The Safety Sign software is Windows-based, so it is easy to understand and familiar to even the occasional user.

  • Superior user interface - provides simple point and click choices
  • Powerful search engine enables you to easily find the sign, label or tag you need among the 3,400+ included in the program
  • Stores list of recently and frequently-printed signs
  • You define the signage categories. Easily organize by:
    • Sign categories
    • location
  • Optional user login allows for customized program configuration and prevents unauthorized changes to sign database
  • Store custom signs in your own library

Safety Sign Software is Easy to Edit

Safety Sign Program's library of more than 3,400 signs, labels and tags covers a wide range of safety situations. However, there may be times when specific hazard information would deliver a better safety result than a standard message.

  • Customization is easy and reliable with numerous built-in formats
  • Edit predetermined signs or create your own
  • Complete user control of text formatting
  • Editing dialogs include built-in compliance information for quick and reliable editing
  • Easily import your company logo, symbols and other graphics
  • Automatically adjusts font size to maximize your message size based on size and aspect ratio of your sign
  • In addition to creating safety signs, labels and tags, Safety Sign software may be used to create employee notices and company policy notices

Printing your own OSHA-Compliant signage is easy with Safety Sign Program 2020

The Safety Sign Program software offers you the flexibility to print on a wide variety of media for temporary or permanent safety signs, safety labels and safety tags. You choose what will work best for each situation.

  • Premium Bright White Adhesive-backed Paper
  • Removable Adhesive-backed Paper
  • Premium Weatherproof Polyester with acrylic permanent adhesive for maximum durability
  • Avery labels
  • Round media for ISO applications
  • Optional lamination provides additional durability and UV resistance