Make Safety Signs Instantly with Safety Softworks

Using your own PC and printer, you can instantly create ANSI/OSHA compliant environmental and facility identification. Safety Sign software includes:

  • More than 3,400 pre-designed safety signs, safety labels and safety tags
  • All safety signs, safety labels and safety tags in English, Spanish, Canadian French and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Using your office laser printer, print on Safety Softworks premium weatherproof polyester for maximum durability

OSHA Inspections - Be Prepared - Respond Immediately

With Safety Sign Program 2020, you have 3,400 pre-defined messages at your fingertips to help prevent workplace accidents

  • Instantly make any missing safety signs, safety labels or safety tags
  • If an OSHA inspector points out a missing safety sign, incorrect safety label, or safety tag deficiency, respond immediately by instantly creating ANSI/OSHA compliant environmental and facility identification
  • Correct violations before the inspection is complete

OSHA, ANSI, ISO, NFPA, GHS, Lab Entry, Laser, Arc Flash

Safety Sign Program 2020 is Comprehensive

Regulatory compliance is essential. The engineers at Safety Softworks took meticulous care preparing a comprehensive library of safety signs, safety labels and safety tags:

  • All 24 ANSI Z535.2 formats - including multiple hazard formats
  • Includes OSHA compliant designs
  • ISO-harmonized, ANSI, and OSHA signal words
  • More than 500 symbols including: ANSI, ISO, GHS, European Chemical Hazard, NFPA, HMIS-style
  • 10 standard signal words in ANSI, OSHA and ISO-harmonized styles
  • Industry specific sign formats: lab entry, laser (ANSI Z136.1), electric arc, and more...